We will offer the first 50 companies 1 free column banner (200x300pxs) for a period of 6 months from the date we add your banner to the web site.
No hidden conditions and you don't have to continue after the expiry of the 6 months except that Agents should have a minimum of 15 properties active.
Banner design is to your cost and should meet our Banner Terms. (First come, first served only)

We do not accept adverts from companies not associated with our web site concept.

We have 2 types of banner adverts. Column Banners 200x300pxs and featured banners 405x300 pxs. Location pages are subjected to availability.
Banner design must be to a high standard and is the responsibility to be designed by the advertiser.
Files should be either .jpg, jpeg or .png
As an incentive we offer you your firsts month banner free of charge. (1 banner only)
For more information please Contact Us
Our Banner Terms can be found here.
We look forward to working with you.
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